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Furniture cleaner is a must for good furniture cleaning, which is an art in itself. You should never use harsh or abrasive cleaners on a furniture finish whether it's your fine dining room furniture or your garden furniture. A thorough cleaning once a month with a good furniture cleaner will keep your furniture looking like it just came off the showroom floor.


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Wax polish buildup

Furniture Cleaner is a good heavy duty mineral spirit based cleaner which will remove wax buildup.

prelude furniture cleaner

Every time you use a wax or polish it will leave a little bit of the existing dust in the wax or polish and over time will begin to obscure the fine appearance of the grain in your wood furniture. Periodic cleaning will keep your furniture looking like new.

Any time you use a new product on your furniture you should try it first on an inconspicuous spot down low and to the rear of a furniture piece to be sure that the product will be compatible with the finish and won't harm it.

White Rings

ring remover Sometimes you may encounter white rings in the finish, which generally can be successfully removed with white ring and spot remover.

The rings are usually caused by moisture from a cup or glass set directly on the finish.

There is the possibility that the white ring is in the wax or polish and will be removed by the furniture cleaner.


antiquax Antiquax is a good finishing touch after using furniture cleaner. Antiquax is a blend of waxes, including carnauba and beeswax, which will give a very nice sheen to your furniture and will make dusting a snap between deep cleaning periods.

Furniture cleaner, ring remover and antiquax can help to make your furniture finish last until the furniture becomes an antique.

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Enjoy your furniture more after a furniture cleaner treatment along with it's helpers.

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