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How-To Make Picture Frame Corners Square - When you do it yourself

How-To Make A Picture Frame Square

How to make a picture frame square when you do it yourself. Have you ever made a picture frame using separate corner clamps or an all corners at once clamp and discovered when you put the glass or image in the frame that the frame is skiddly wompus?

The best time to be sure that doesn't happen is when you're first assembling the picture frame before the glue dries or even better, dry fit the corners to be sure they fit together and are exactly 90 degrees.

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Measure Diagonally To Make A Picture Frame Square

When you're building a picture frame and using a Quick-Release Corner Framing Clamp four corner clamp measure diagonally from one corner to the opposing diagonal corner of the picture frame, then diagonally in the other direction for the other two corners. If the measurements are exact, then your picture frame has exactly square corners. If the measurements are different you need to make some adjustments to the clamp on the picture frame corners. Be sure to measure and adjust while the glue is still wet.

Many modern day glues will set very quickly, some less than an hour. They're still flexible and not ready to unclamp and if you do wait too long to make an adjustment the glue seal may break and after the adjustment the corner may seem solid, but it's probably weaker than an unbroken glue joint.

Miter Vise, The Best And Most Sure Corner Clamping Choice

Miter ViseA Miter Vise is a surefire method of making picture frames.

The miter vise is made of cast iron and will swivel in all directions making it easy to tap in a brad to hold a corner together while the glue dries.

Since the miter vise is cast iron there isn't much to get out of adjustment.

If the molding ends aren't exactly 45 degrees you can tell when you match them up in the miter vise before you apply any glue.

If there is a slight difference between the two pieces and there is a slight gap you can cut the joint with a thin bladed saw while it's in the miter vise and make the joint absolutely exactly 90 degrees.

Release one piece of molding and apply some glue to it and put it back in the vise up against the piece of molding already in the vise, then pull it back just a bit to be sure there is glue on both pieces, then slide them together snuggly and tighten the miter vise. Let it sit until the glue is well set.

Glue the other frame half together and keep repeating until all corners are glued up.

Practice will take care of most of the um-uuhh's.

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